How to use the calendar

Is there a information on the calendar and how to use it etc? What should my renters do?

Please send more details about the issue, do you mean using the listing calendar overall or specific features like syncing? Hosts can simply view the calendar (it indicates bookings), select dates to block/unblock them if needed.

So if i understand correctly , in the row of the input, the vendors are to input their 3rd party calendar link. And that should sync the listing up with the calendar. Can you give an example?
Or show how it should look like

There is also a row showing the link of the listing, so it meabs it works the other way around.

If you could do a step by step on how to set this up would be great . Like a short video if you setting it up.

It’s pretty simple by default, please let me know if you mean a specific action or function. By default, hosts can select dates and then click any of the buttons at the top of the calendar for some actions, e.g. Block or Unblock. If you mean syncing calendars you have to enable this in settings and then hosts should use the iCal links of third-party calendars in the listing form, then the website calendar and third-party calendar will be in sync.

I meant to thes sybcing of calendars , u meant ical. Its ios only?
Can u give me an example for a third party calendar ive been searching around for ical to come accross ical app for iphones.

iCal (ICS files) is a pretty common standard, it’s supported by Airbnb, Booking, Google Calendar and 99% of booking platforms. Depending on the platform you want to integrate, please check its settings, e.g. in Airbnb you can copy the ICS link directly in the property listing settings and paste it in the Booking Import URL field of a listing on your site.

So if i understand properly,

I take the same listing from airbnb for example, and take the ics link, and copy it into the row in the listing im creating in my site, and vice versa

Yes, if you inter-link a listing this way then it’s calendar should be in sync.

Hey ihor

When u said 3rd party calendars means i can manage all my listings from all places under one place? If so can u gove me an example?

No, this syncing works for blocking dates only. For example, if someone books dates via Airbnb and the listing calendar is interlinked with the website listing (using ICS links) then the website listing will have these dates blocked (in the same way as if the host would block these dates using the “lock” button), the booking itself and all the details are not imported to the website. The syncing feature just ensures there there is no overbooking for the same dates.

Ok good to know. Can a user input a number of ocs links? For example airbnb + booking to my website?

Sorry, there’s no option to set multiple import/export links per listing yet but we plan to add this.

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