How to use the %listing% token

Hi, in HivePress/Emails/Events/ListingApproved there are many useful tokens, such as %user_name% , %listing_url% and then there is this one: %listing%. While all the other tokens display something in the email (such as the user name or the listing title or listing URL) this token %listing% does not show anything. I don’t know the reason why there is such a token but it does not work ; (


Sorry for the inconvenience, we have no docs about those tokens yet (but we’re working on it).

%listing% is an “object” token, and it requires a field name, so you can use them this way, for example:


“Object-like” tokens were added as a workaround for a limited list of regular tokens, this way it’s possible to access any field of the sender, recipient or message.

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Thank you for clarifying that. As I am not familiar with computer science and coding, it would be nice maybe in the next version of your theme to add more specific tokens instead of just an object token!

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Thanks, we’ll consider adding more specific tokens.

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