How to use Yeast combine with HivePress SEO plugin?


I was wondering how to disable Yoast for vendor and listing pages.

Indeed I’m using Yoast only for home page and contact page, but for listing and vendor page I want to use the HivePress SEO plugin because I need to use tokens.

However, I was wondering if I disable the listing and vendor SEO on Yoast, if it will disabled it totally from Google search ? Because the option on Yoast is called “Display listing in search results”. (See the screen)

Simply, my question is, how can I use Yoast for home page and single page, and use the HP SEO for listing and vendor pages ?

Thank you for your answer.

Cordially, Zak.

Please check if Yoast has some settings for disabling custom post types, in this case you can exclude “hp_listing” and “hp_vendor” post types.

I didn’t find any setting like that. The only I found was the one on the screen and I don’t want it cancel the SEO of HivePress.

U can use multiple shema , so it wont be a problem to use both for listings and vendors .
Can u please tell me more about tokens in this plugin? and wich type u want to use for listings, cuz from 3 days reading, the best i find is to make custom shema …

Hello Nikolay,

Thank you for the answer.

First of all, if I understand well, I can let the SEO on Yoast and HivePress activated and both will be used by the search engine ? It looks weird to me because which title and meta description will be used by the engine ? The best one ?

Secondly I am using Location and Categories token for listings and Name token for vendors.

Cordially, Zak.

Depends on google sarch “best result” shema will choose wich result to choose . For example u can use both shema Article post shema and FAQ shema on same page

Where u find this tokens and how u apply it , what shema type u choose to put ur own tokens for shema .

Thank you Nikolay,

I’m not sure I understand everything because I’m a beginner and I ontl configure the hivepress SEO and I just wanted to use Yoast to have SEO for the Home page and the Contact page only.

Please try leaving the default Yoast schema for listings if there’s no way to disable it, as far as I know they add the “website” and/or “organization” schema by default and these shouldn’t conflict with the specific listing schema you choose via HivePress SEO.
As for the meta title & description you can try using the Yoast one and leave the HivePress SEO meta settings empty for listings (or vice versa, set these for HivePress and disable in Yoast).
Hope this helps.

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