I bought the Statistics Extension but it does not work

Hi, today I bought the Statistics Extension. I received the email, copied and pasted the license key in the integration section, downloaded the statistics zip file in the plugin section and the plugin itself is active. Despite all of this, when I click on the user profile I cannot see the statistics pie chart button. It looks like the plugin does not work…

I would really like to solve this issue.


Please check this subject : Statistics not appearing in vendor profile - #4 by ihor

Hope it will help.

Cordially, Zak.

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Hi, partially solved the issue by following the screencast on how to configure google analytics. Despite this, I don’t know how to create a Client Secret which is needed to grant access to generating the statistics form.

By Client Secret I meant the Secret Key

Maybe not needed. I didn’t set it up yet. Maybe they are some tutorials about it on YouTube ?

Hi, I apparently solved the issue. How much time does it take for the statistics section to show graphs (For instance 1 day after someone views the user’s listing)?

Please make sure that you followed the screencast to link Google Analytics step by step, also make sure that you selected Analytics V3 (we don’t support V4 yet) - the stats should appear within 24 hours or less. If this issue persists you can send temporary WP access via email support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it.

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