I cannot edit the price range

Hi. I own a ListingHive website, and I set a “Price” attribute that should let users see a price range that ranges from 0 to 20.000. Instead, the number range that appears on the website ranges only from 0-2.000. I tried to change the number range with different numbers multiple times but. nothing changed.

Below you will find public screenshots that illustrate this issue:

Price attribute settings:

Website view:

But there’s more… afterward, I tried to solve the issue in an alternative way by changing the “Number Range” setting in the Search field of the attribute into just “Number” so that by adding a maximum value of 20.000 I would still be able to recreate a number range through which users could search items deciding the maximum price they could afford.

Instead, what appears on the website after that is not two blocks with a minimum and a maximum price as it should, but a single block with “price” written inside of it.

These are some screenshots of what I have just described.

Attribute Search field:

Website view:

I just need my number range from 0 to 20.000 to appear properly on my website and considering what I have just described I believe there is a bug or something similar.
I am a little bit disappointed because it is been months that I am working on this website.

If someone can help me with this issue I would be more than grateful.

Kind Regards,

Francesco - HivePress user.

Please use the Number Range search field type in this case. The range depends on the existing listings (to avoid empty search results), for example, if there are listings with $1 and $1000 prices then the range will be set to 1-1000, since searching for 1000+ would return no listings.

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