I can't delete an imported footer section

Hi. I was editing my expertHive site, and I imported the demo content. Unfortunately, I am not able to delete a section that is just above my footer. In fact, I cannot delete it from the Gutenberg editor and I cannot delete it either through Appearence-Customize-Menus. I am so frustrated because I cannot find a way to delete the entire section shown in the image below (the big one circled in black). If anyone of you guys knows how to do this I would really be happy about that.

does anyone know how to solve this issue? I can give you temporary access to my admin WP dashboard if needed!


Please try to delete the footer widgets (logo, services, blog, and social) in Appearance > Widgets, or use this CSS snippet:

.footer-widgets {
	display: none;	
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Thanks!!! that helped so much

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