I want to change my domain name

Hi, I have an ExpertHive website and I thought about changing the domain name. Will this somehow interfere with my already existing site? Will there be a conflict with automatic emails or whatever feature of the theme? For instance, whenever an automatic email is sent, there is a linked attached to it that redirects to the site (let’s say the listing url), will all these links be changed automatically with the change of the domain name or will there be any conflict?

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Hi @francescopetrucci ,

I am just another hivepress user.

For information of your interest I believe you can set all these up to your new domain email address:

There you can set up hivepress generated email notifications.

You also receive Wordpress notifications, independently to hivepress. I think you can approach your provider to confirm or check your settings in your hosting before the former domain expires.


Unfortunately, this is not a HivePress-level setting, so we can’t provide more details. I recommend watching this tutorial in more detail How to Move WordPress to a New Domain (Without Losing SEO)

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