I want to completely reset the pricing data

I performed pattern tests with a single listing data:

  1. Setting only Time Slots.
  2. Setting both prices and Time Slots.
  3. I want to reset the price, so I left the price field blank instead of setting it to 0 and configured the Time Slots. This is to revert to the state in scenario 1 for testing purposes.

Results: I’m satisfied that without a price, I can only make reservations based on dates and Time Slots. While this works well, once a price is added even if I clear it by leaving it blank, the price data remains in WooCommerce, persisting despite being left empty in the program logic. Consequently, I cannot revert back to the scenario 1 state with combinations of dates and Time Slots.

Is there any method to reset the WooCommerce price from the listing edit page? This seems necessary to achieve my goal.


Unfortunately, there is no function to do this automatically. You need to set the listing price to 0, then it will automatically update on the product side.

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