Image not scaling/aligning correctly

I replaced the image on the home page in the Customer review section, but somehow I lost the original settings, making it scale too large. Tried other settings/alignments, but I don’t manage to get the image to be displayed as in the demo content (I used an image of equal dimensions and layout), can you tell me what the settings for this particular image are?
I’m using TaskHive.


Please check this doc: How to add a header image to pages - HivePress Help Center

Hope it helps.

Hi Nikita, my question was not regarding the header image. It concerned the cover image under Customer Reviews half way down on the Homepage (see your demo content TaskHove).
But never mind, it somehow fixed itself.

However, since today I’m facing the problem that several images are showing as a placeholder.
What’s happening here. The theme starts to feel unreliable to me.

Please make sure that these images were not deleted in WordPress/Media section, also this issue may be caused by a third-party plugin (e.g. caching or CDN one). If you send a link to your site we can check these image URLs and provide more details.

Hi Ihor,

The problem has been solved. I’m still not sure what happened in the background, though, so I would appreciate if you could take a look at
What I did: I uploaded all missing images to the media section and suddenly all placeholders in the media section reappeared.
So, all images are double, but whatever may be the cause, they show in the front-end again so I’m happy.

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