Image size and proportion

I had a snippet to leave image proportion but now, after some actualization seams doesn t work for new listings. see the diference below:


i want the images set as the photo original proportions

any clues?

If you mean adjusting the aspect ratio or cropping rules for images, the code snippet is not required. You can change image proportions in Dashboard>Settings>Media>Landscape size (large). If you set up the Height field to 9999, it’ll prevent images from getting cropped.

Also, you can install Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress plugin | to adjust already uploaded images automatically, and you won’t have to re-upload them.

Thanks. But didn’t work for me, the images that i get were strange large cropped photo! I want that each photo could be displayed as the original format (landscape or portrait, or even square), as before did (see the curumin listing in previous msg).

It should actually work this way if you don’t limit the image height (e.g. set it to 9999px), because then if you upload any image its width will be resized (e.g. set 800px width for the Landscape Large, it’s recommended because if users upload images with 5000px width the listing page will become really slow), but the height will be changed proportionally and will not be cropped, this way the overall image proportions will remain.

Please note that the existing images are not affected if you change these settings, you have to upload a new image or use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

maybe i’m doing something wrong…

Please send a link to this listing, you can also send the image URL that we can test locally with the same image settings.

I’ll apreciate!

see an old listing without croped images:

Sorry for the late reply. I tried testing the same image and it seems to be ok with the default settings (800x400 for the Landscape Large) Screenshot by Lightshot Please try selecting an optimal width/height limit for your site, and select the cropping position (if the image exceeds the aspect ration you set, it will be cropped related to the image center).

I won’t to crop any image in the site because i have portrait, landscape and even square images. In the past, you suggested a script, and did work fine now but don’t work anymore (maybe an update has changed the php file)

I try to set 9999 in both height and width, and seems to be working!

Yes, this may be a workaround but the downside is that if users upload large images they will be left “as is” so this may slow down the listing page loading. In any case, I added this to the bug tracker and will try to test the image you provided further.

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