Image uploading not working

your attachments code on line
wp-content/plugins/hivepress/includes/controllers/class-attachment.php 282
generates broken JSON
because you need to escape the html

Steps to reproduce

loading the image

Actual result

need to refresh the page for the image to load

Expected result

it need to work without refresh

Extra details

please provide where to fix it and add it to your next update

Please explain in more detail or send a screenshot if possible (what picture are you trying to add, and what is its name).

Please provide a picture and its name so that we can check in more detail from our side.

hi added a picture in reply please see

the images when uploading loading all the time - not loaded

Thanks for that screenshot. Maybe you can send a site link too?

Can you please clarify what picture you are trying to add(for example, name)?
We need this information to reproduce the problem on our side.

in messaging - conversation. add image to the conversation
in listing, creating new listing add image

When reporting a bug, please describe the steps to reproduce the issue in detail. Uploading regular images works on the demo site and there are no other bug reports about this issue so some specific images are probably required to reproduce this issue - please share these details to help to debug this further, do you get this error when uploading images with some specific symbols in the file name (e.g. quotes), or there are other details that may help to reproduce this?

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