Images: Add support for WEBP and Videos?

I’d like to see if there’s a way to add more formats to the images section. Right now, it seems to only support JPEG, PNG and GIF images. The basics. Nowadays, more and more we’re using WEBP as the optimized image format of choice and sure, I can add a plugin to convert those other three formats to WEBP, but I know some of our users will likely want to upload a WEBP at some point.

In addition, what about videos? I know you can embed videos into the description but I’d love to see if added into the images area. Much like you add images to the carousel in WooCommerce or similar. Anyone agree?

Thanks for your feedback. We plan to add video support to the listing gallery. For WEBP images, I recommend using a plugin that optimizes and converts images automatically because, in most cases, users don’t have the source images in WEBP format; e.g. you can use the LiteSpeed plugin How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog

Yana, actually we use WPEngine for hosting, so they have their own caching. So maybe just add EWWWW Image Optimizer on top of that? Or the settings within CloudFlare?

As for video support. what’s the roadmap for that? Because we plan to launch this directory in about a month and it would be great to have that feature. Could we request a quote to do just that?

Sure. Please check if they also have some image optimization options; if not, you can use an extra plugin to convert images to WEBP after they are uploaded automatically.

There’s no ETA for the video gallery feature yet, but we’ll try to add it as soon as possible; there were a few requests for it. We temporarily don’t offer customization services; I recommend hiring someone via Fiverr or Upwork We can provide some guidance about the implementation if you find a developer; there are also developer docs Getting started - Developer Docs.

Hi Yana, is there any update on the road map to add the video gallery feature? Thanks.

Sorry, it’s not available yet, but there’s still a workaround for embedding videos into the listing description or any of the Embed attributes.

Video could be a paid functionality for a video listing service… many skill based services or even products which are heavy on look and feel could do with a short video. looking forward for that feature ASAP.

also how would a developer make a user add video into the listing page ?

Thanks, we’ll try to add video support for the listing gallery as soon as possible. Currently the only way to do this is by adding the video URL (e.g. YouTube or any of the available WordPress embeds Embeds – Forums) to the listing description or the attribute field of Embed type.