Images Upload display issue + Uploading image takes infinite time and SAVE CHANGES button doesn't stop loading

After logging in ,

1). In the process of adding a new listing. The image upload takes too much time to display on the uploaded list and sometimes doesn’t show up until I refresh the page. Every time its a time consuming and difficult to reload for every image upload if there are more than suppose say 10 images to upload.

2). After uploading the images If I want to remove certain images from the uploaded list while being listing page itself, The cross mark over the right corner of the image doesn’t work and image doesn’t get removed from the uploaded list.

NOTE : Already disabled the light speed cache for logged in users , still the problem persists for (
1 )

Attached clip for reference

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Thanks for the detailed report. We use the native WP function for uploading files media_handle_upload() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources so the uploading speed depends on the hosting plan, optimization, etc. but deleting images should work - please check if there are any JS errors in the browser console when you try to delete an image (you can open the console with CTRL+Shift+I if you use Chrome).

Profile and product is not loading

If there’s an issue please post a new topic providing the details and describing the steps to reproduce it, this way we can detect and fix the issue.

Same for me only on Android devices and chrome

Please let me know if the same issue occurs when you test this on the demo site

I’ve trying it on your demo server. Uploading is so fast but I can’t remove images and delete X sign not works with Android device chrome browser.

Android: 11
Chrome: Latest version 105.xxxx

Thanks - added to the bug tracker, I guess there’s something specific to sending the “delete” REST API requests in Chrome on Android.

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In android chrome , Cant able to delete the pictures uploaded, X sign doesn’t work yet. Please look into this, Issue exists since months.

In android chrome , Cant able to delete the pictures uploaded, X sign doesn’t work yet. Please look into this, Issue exists since months. Please provide solution for this

Sorry, we can’t provide a temporary fix because this requires further research, but we already added this to the bug tracker and will try to fix this in the upcoming updates.

I am having same trouble uploading pictures when I am trying to +Add Listing, when I click on the choose an image and select an image, the circle in that particular button as well as the circle in the submit button simply does not stop spinning.

Did you find any way to fix this problem?

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same for me, a very very long time to load the images and impossible to cancel

pareil pour moi, un temps très très long à charger les images et impossible d’annuler

If this issue can be reproduced, please share the steps or extra details and we’ll check it, if there’s a bug we’ll fix it in any case. We use the native WP function for uploads wp_handle_upload() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources so the upload process itself depends on WordPress-level and server-level settings, changing the hosting plan or switching the hosting provider may drastically change the performance.

ive had similar experience, along with my friends that went to post their properties, we’ll select images and it wont upload

anyone know of a fix for this?

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get).

I have this issue too.
If I try to load an image the circle turns around forever and can’t push the Submit button.
This is what I see in the consol:

If I try to open the same window in another tab the image is already loaded and the listing can be submitted.
I use Cloudflare and WPRocket. On WPRocket I don’t use cache for logged-in users and I have excluded the submit-listing/details/ page from cache.

I tried disabling all plugins including WP Rocket.
Now the only active plugins are the hivepress extensions and the following 3 :
WooCommerce Payments
WooCommerce PayPal Payments

I also disabled the Code Snippets plugin.
Than i cleared all cache but the problem is still present.

If possible, send more details about this issue (e.g., steps to reproduce it). Do you mean that you get this problem every time only when you upload images while adding the listing process?

Yes, it happens every time I upload an image in the submit-listing/details/ form. In my case images are mandatory, so it happens on every listing.
If I upload pictures on backend there is no problem.
I have many images on the media library uploaded by users who didn’t finish to submit listings because they didn’t try to refresh the page.
It seems the images are loaded very fast, because if i try to refresh the page right after i select them, they are already loaded, but for some reason, if i don’t refresh the page, the form continue showing the rotating wheel both in the image block and in the submit button.