Import Taxonomies broken

This was working perfectly till a couple of days ago, seems something strange is happening when importing data using allimport

I’m finding now that taxonomies despite being in the import and importing are not showing up on the site.

For example take a look at this page: Care Homes Archives - Rated Care

You will see for example the first listing 69 Tenter Lane - Rated Care on both pages shows the CQC inspection rating - which is a taxonomy and the category.

however, the page for Charlotte House - Rated Care

Which was imported today - despite the data being in those categories is now not showing for example the taxonomies of CQC inspection rating, nor the category it has been assigned to.

I’ve used the templates CQC-Oct-2022 to import.

Any thoughts on this please?

This may be a caching issue, please try re-saving the listing that displays incorrect categories or taxonomies. HivePress caches linked taxonomy labels to prevent extra database query for every listing, you can also disable caching using this snippet:

define('HP_CACHE', false);

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Thats fixed it thanks

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