Impossible to add specific location

why when adding the listing location i cant add the specific location, put add the city and country only.

Please share more details about the issue, do you mean that when you type the address it’s not available in the drop-down and only cities and regions appear for selection?

I apologize for not responding quickly. I am currently working on finishing the website before asking about the problem, so as not to interrupt you multiple times.

Currently i have Two major problems:

  • First with ( paid listing package )

    Our business model actually is based massively on this plugin and it is considered to be the core of our business, as we charge the homeowners and the brokers a monthly payment to keep their listing on the app.

    • The problem is that when the package expires it didn’t show the users that it has expired or tell them to renew the package it only make the home status as hidden and even in the packages page it only shows the number of listings available but didn’t show how much is it left till this expires.
  • Second with ( Geolocation package ):

    The problem here is when the vendor is adding his home location there is no accurate way to add it as it doesn’t show a map to add the location of the home accurately.


  1. Unfortunately, there is currently no recurring billing in paid listings.
    You need to specify the listing expiration date in the packages, and it will be automatically set for listings added through this package.
    When the listing is expired, the vendor will receive an email. And if the vendor tries to update this listing and the package limit is exhausted, they will not be able to do so until they purchase a new package.

  2. We receive data through the API, if there is no address there, then we, unfortunately, cannot help. We recommend changing your provider, if you use Google Maps, try MapBox.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks for your response

In the case of the the location i will deal with it i will let the users enter the location to a near by point that appears in the list then i will let them add a location link from google maps

But the when the package expires it only make the listing hidden and when the user click on it and press renew it appears again with no need to buy a new package
Although i want to ask is there a way to test it instead of waiting a whole day to see what happens

Please ensure that no free WooCommerce product is set for the package in the package settings, and the listing limit is also set for the package. Also, please ensure the WooCommerce plugin is activated on your website. In this case, the vendor will be able to choose the package and pay for it to renew the listing if the vendor’s package passes the listing limit

If the issue persists please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. screenshots or the error message you get).

When u pass the limit it show the message, also i dont think the expire date of the packages work well as when the listing expires it make u renew it from inside the list with no need to buy a new package
i set the free package to expire after 1 day and added a limited number of listings and make a listings in it and after that day it shows the listing status as hidden and when I entered it at the end of the page it showed a button on it renew m, when I clicked it it changed the status again to be available.

As a summary the paid listing works very good with the number but not with the expire date, i want it to expire after a certain amount of day then the users need to renew to show their listing.

If there is a solution please provide me with it as soon as possible as it is the only thing missing in the website :pray:

I think that the paid listing plugin is made to pay hosts to add their listings with one time purchases based on the number of listings available but not with an expiry date to make them pay monthly as in the packages screen in user dashboard it shows only the number of available listings but didn’t show the days till expire or days lift till renewal, so is there a way to make this plugin the way i want

Please if you can reply faster as i am only waiting for your response for more than2days and i want to finish the site

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, the package itself doesn’t expire, but listings added via this package expire (if you set the expiration period at the package level). The package itself is deleted once it’s limit (number of listings added via this package) is exceeded.

If there are bugs please describe the steps to reproduce them one by one, we’ll test this further.

Ok then how can i make the user required to buy a new package after the expiration date


When a user renews an expired listing or creates a new listing, each time, they are deducted one listing from the current package, so they will have to buy a new one if the limit is exhausted.

Thanks very much

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