Improve indication of the page and form loading

In many situation when setting upp a new account, retieving a password or adding a new listing it takes a while for the site to load a new page for the confirmation. Especially if you have slow Internet/computer. This is quite bad, if there is no immidiate respons when clicking a link an unexperianced user doesn’t understand that the the page is loading (not seeing the adress in the bottom left corner on Chrome) and will continue pressing the buttons or return to the last page .

For example when sending a message a little rolling wheel (= loadingicon) pups up in the button after a press (and you cannot press the button again). I want this functionallity on all the buttons on the site! That I would love! :heart_eyes:

Sometimes there is a loading icon showing up on the middle of the page (also love this :heart_eyes: ) but that is just when loading in the new page. Often you stay for a longer time on the page you’ve already pressed a button on. I also wonder why that is? Why it take such a long time to leave a page…??
In this case I would like this loading icon to appear immidiatly after pressing the button.
(exampels: when pressing create listing button in the top right corener, when pressing the different categories (if not using dropdownlist) and so on)).

Keep up the good work! Thanks for a good platform, forum and keeping making everything better!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve the UX this way, but for regular URLs I recommend resolving the website performance issues because regular page switching should take much less than 1 second (if caching & optimization is set up). For specific actions where the data is changed (e.g. sending a message) this is required because the delay is unpredictable.

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:+1: Have not installed any cashing-plugins yet. It will probably help, as you said!
Still good to have the feedbak on all of the buttons and not just most of the buttons! :wink:

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