Improve mobile UX of bookings & messages

Here are a few reasons why the mobile version would be incredibly useful in our case:

  • I am active on a market on which 87% of the users (including vendors) are using a smartphone to manage their listings.

  • In order to make a booking, the guests searching for a place wants to ask questions to the host. Many hosts don’t check their emails frequently which results in abandoned opportunities. Messages sent via an app would really improve the user experience and improve conversion.

If there is a way to use hivepress mobile solution simply for sending messages between hosts and potential guests and for hosts to manage their calendar this would be greatly improve the experience of both participants.


Thanks, we’ll try to improve the mobile UX. A standalone app is not planned at the moment, but we’ll improve Messages to make them more real-time and check the mobile UX of bookings.

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Thank you! This is great news and pretty nice if messages and calendar are improved on Mobile. There are Webapp based solutions I will use to make it user friendly.