Improve syncing vendor names with user profiles

Hi guys,

I think it’s a great idea to exclude one extra step for the users and vendors when filling their profiles after registration. As long as there are two profiles in one account for the Vendor and for the User roles.

Now you should fill in 1st and 2nd name separately in Vendor profile and then in User profile or vice versa.

I believe it’s a good point to make so, that if the account owner fills the Vendor 1st and 2nd name they should automatically appear/synchronize in User profile too and vice versa.
Now it looks a bit not easy and a bit weird, to my point of view. :sweat_smile:

UPD: I’ve noticed that this issue has gone when I’ve activated the direct Vendor registration.

Please share more details about the issue, do you mean syncing the vendor name vice versa when you edit the vendor profile in the back-end form in WordPress/Vendors?

Not really. Speaking about front end account of the user. I mean that when the direct registration is not active we have two profiles for the user in his account to fill in - vendor’s one and the client’s one. And I’ve noticed for example if the user fills in only one profile (for example vendor’s) the name and second name don’t appear in his client’s profile for some reasons.
Once I’ve activated direct vendor registration this names synchronization started to work.

Yes, there’s a single merged profile form on the front-end, but on the back-end there are users with optional (if the user is a vendor) vendor profiles linked to users in WordPress/Users section. User profiles have higher priority, so if you re-save the user profile, then name, description etc. will be synced for a linked vendor profile but not vice versa.

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