Improvements for the account menu

1. How do you move social icons down to the footer?

2. Can we change the “profile” icon to the profile-picture instead? like it is in the image under question 3.
Skärmavbild 2022-05-20 kl. 14.03.02

3. We would also like the dashboard view and the current profile info to be shown when you click on the profile, if possible. just like in this picture from Airbnb:

instead of this:

Thanks for all your help :smiley:

I agree with your vision.

I’m in the process of trying to customize the account page, hoping to make it more userfriendly.

I would like the account page to be more modern and app-like, with icons + text for desktop view and just icons in mobile view, with the menu panel being stickied to the bottom of the page. However, this is a headache trying to learn.

I’d love if the hivepress team made it more mobile friendly by default, or easier to customize with templates, like some other pages can.


  1. If these icons are added by some third-party plugin please check if it has a widget or shortcode for placing it in the Footer area in Appearance/Customize.

2, 3. In the current version these would require code customizations, but we plan to add a 1-click menu instead of the sidebar menu on the account page (I moved this topic to Feature Requests).

Hope this helps.

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Hello ihor.

With a 1-click menu, do you mean a dropdown menu from the User_Name in the navbar? How will this function on the account page?

And do you have any plans to improve the UI/UX in the account page for mobile users?

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Yes, a drop-down once the username is clicked. We plan to improve the layouts to make them more app-like and mobile-friendly.

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Hi Ihor!
what is the time-frame for this?
What are your priorities regarding developing new features? just so we can plan ahead.

Sorry, there’s no ETA for this feature yet but we update all the extensions one by one and add the core features, e.g. we plan to update Bookings and Marketplace this week.

Okey, no worries, thanks for the insight. :smiley:

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