Incompatibility with the WOOCS plugin

We have ExpertHive working with woocommerce and marketplace.
But, multicurrency does not work correctly.

You can successfully switch between currencys during a purchase process in Checkout.
The calculations are done correctly and the appropriate chosen currency displays properly with the correct currency symbol.

HOWEVER, when there are any requests, offers, listings with prices displayed, they will only display the figure (amount/number) of the default currency.
If the currency is changed in ANY of the areas: Account, Requests, Offers, Listings, Checkout, Basket. Then the currency symbol changes in Requests, Offers, Listings BUT the figure remains the same as the default currency no matter what currency is chosen.

Yet in the Checkout, Basket the currency symbol AND figure do change to show the correct value.

EXAMPLE: A User posts a Request with the figure $1000USD.
A Vendor looks at the Requests and if he is switched to $USD he will see the amount displayed as $1000USD.
BUT if the Vendor is switched to £GBP he will see the Request amount displayed as £1000GBP.
If the Vendor is switched to €EUR he will see the Request amount displayed as €1000EUR.
No matter what currency he switches to, when he looks at the request, the currency symbol will change to the currency he has switched to BUT the amount will remain the same with no conversion perfomed.
However, in the Checkout he will see $1000USD, €909EUR, £778GBP which is correctly converted.

We have seen a few question about this problem on here going back 12months+, but the advise is always simply to try currency switchers. We have tried many currency switchers (including WOOCS) but NON of them work.

Is there a currency switcher that does actually work. Please do not suggest WOOCS.

Thank You

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We have the same issue, would love an answer. WOOCS does not work.

Yes, this is an ongoing problem as far as we can see on this forum for more than year. However, there is never a solution before the Topic is closed.

We haven’t seen a solution either unfortunately and the posts get closed. I am curious which currency switcher plugins you (or others) have tested however, there are a few we were going to test to see if it works for converting the number (not just currency).

I agree I think we should post the currency switchers that do not work on here.
By do not work I mean running through every request, offer and listing process as a User and Vendor to check to see if the currencies are or are not displaying correctly (figure or Symbol).

I think we have all tried WOOC. So that is struck off our list.

We have also tried:

  • FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML
  • WBW Currency Switcher for WooCommerce
  • Currency Switcher for WooCommerce
  • X-Currency – The Ultimate WooCommerce currency switcher for a smoother shopping experience

Also the Honourable Mention and closest to cracking the problem is:
YayCurrency – WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher.
This switcher initially had us super excited, because it worked in the Requests areas.
BUT it did not work with Offers. Even when Requests and Offers are on the same page, Example: when a user checks their requests in their account dashboard and clicks on the request to see if there are any offers.

On that note. that is another issue that needs to be resolved. We can see that users are notified of Offers to their requests by email, BUT when they look at their account, the Requests they have made do not have any visible notification (tick etc.) that there has been an offer on the request.
The request has to be clicked and opened manually.
So if they miss the notification email, they are not aware that there is an offer.

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We have replied to your post. Check it out. Thanks.

We tested CURCY and it did not work. We tried testing YaYcurrency but the currency dropdown only showed our main currency and refused to show others despite being setup correctly.

Hoping for an answer from HP devs or other users. So far nothing is working.

@Tradea By switching our payment processor from woocommerce payments to the stripe gateway, and using yaycurrency we were able to get it to initially work. Doing further testing now.


Unfortunately, we do not yet have 100% compatibility with multi-currency. This is how the converters work: they overwrite the price via JS on the frontend, but there are no backend hooks. It is possible to use this plugin WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Professional – WordPress plugin | or another currency switcher plugin for WooCommerce. Also, please check WooCommerce documentation or support to find up-to-date information on how to set up multicurrency on your website.
But please note that these changes are for display purposes only; the checkout page will display the primary currency, which is necessary for calculating the commission, etc.

Hi, Let us know how your testing is doing.
We see Support has copied and pasted the same message again for users to resolve this issue.
If you have more positive feedback about using Stripe, we will also give that a go. For now we are stuck with a single currency website and a calculator in the footer. Currency Converter Widget - Exchange Rates by Currency-Wiki

We are using YaY for now with stripe as the gateway (with woopayments it didnt work). I will note we are using rentalhive, as well with day and night listings. It currently works for converting the price correctly in the backend, for payments, bookings, and everywhere on the front-end EXCEPT for the priced extra’s.

How are you using Stripe? Are you using the Stripe Payment through Woocommerce instead of Woo Payments, or have you uninstalled woocommerce completely and using a Stripe Gateway instead. If so, which Stripe Gateway are you using please. Thanks.

We are using the woocommerce stripe gateway, have not uninstalled anything. Also we have the premium version of the yaycurrency switcher which might be a factor because once we got the premium one and turned on selling to all nationalities/countries it fixed other issues we had.

Thanks. We will give that a try.

There are still some small bugs like priced extras not converting on the front-end, but regarding payments and listing price changes it works.

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