Index Tab on the Listing

Hi. We are now quite happy with the Listings. However one question came up. Is there a way to add an Index tab next to details? Such as: Leistungen (Services) etc. ? If yes, how would this work?

Please send more details about the required changes - do you mean menu items for “jumping” to some listing page sections? These should be available already depending on the extensions you’re using, e.g. if you use Reviews then the Reviews link will appear, and it scrolls the page to the Reviews section.

Hi. Certainly I can give more insights. The question that I have is if its possible to add other Index Tab than Review. Eg. Details describes geneal details of the Listing Offer and then another Index Tab could be Services which could contain a description of the Listing etc. Is this clearer ?

Yes, but this requires customizations. You can add an extra menu item using a snippet like this one Add a custom item to the user account menu #hivepress #users · GitHub but for the “listing_manage” menu instead of “user_account”. Set the menu item URL to “#mysection”, then if some section on the listing page has this ID the page will be scrolled to it on click.

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