Install the Followers extension

Have any of you all created the Followers Extension for your site that the HivePress team talks about here?

I am not a coder so very little of it makes sense to me. I am trying to follow the instructions but am stuck in the section where I need to add to Controllers…I am not sure where to add it. It is not clear. (it is probably clear for someone who understands coding, but not me)

Anyone willing to share the already created extension with me in a zip file?

Please make sure that you downloaded the ZIP package here Release 1.0.0 · hivepress/foo-followers · GitHub and installed it in WordPress/Plugins. It should display the Follow link in the vendor box.

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Thank you. That was exactly was I was looking for. Are you an employee of HivePress or just a kind contributor?

Nice! No I’m not an employee. I am actually a client who built my website using hivepress and now am a fan of their product. I try to contribute whenever I can, because I like helping others and to free the hivepress developers’ time so they make hivepress better with updates for us.

Thank you for the response. I am also a fan and am inspired by you to be more proactive and help contribute. Would you be willing to connect over google meet. I am new to this and could use some advise from someone like you on how to hire a developer for the things I can’t figure out how to do.

Yea email me at & we can set up a google meeting. This community can be second to none, if we all help each other out.

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