Integrate Paypal HyperWallet system

Hello ! First of all thank you for the constant work you provide and the fact that HivePress is constantly evolving is really something great, I would have liked to make a proposal for an integration of a brand new system equivalent but “better” than Stripe Connect I find, it is an integration of Paypal HyperWallet, for those who are in European countries or simply in France, you know that in view of the law on the collection on behalf of third parties and tax, we can not go through simple paypal because it is not approved etc… However, HyperWallet allows us to accept customers via Paypal and at the same time to use Paypal for the sellers which I think would be really beneficial for us.

Thanks !


Thanks for the kind words and feedback, we’ll check this payout method and consider its integration with HivePress Marketplace. The last time I checked PayPal had Adaptive Payments (but they were shut down) and Mass Payments solutions.

Hi, @ihor Paypal has the same equivalent to stripe connect which is called Paypal Commerce Platforms for Marketplaces. PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms

Any help integrating this with HP so users can choose between Stripe Connect and Paypal?

Thanks for the details, I’ll check it PayPal Commerce Platform. If it has a comprehensive API we’ll add it as an alternative for Stripe Connect.