Integration with popular membership plugins

Hi, I have purchased the Hivepress membership addon, but I was wondering if you could also consider adding some ability or a new addon for Hivepress to integrate/be able to recognise membership plans created with the most popular membership plugins (such as Restrict Content Pro, Ultimate Members, Memberpress).

I use RCP to manage memberships on a multisite with Hivepress directory installed on one sub-site, and so it would be great if there was some sort of integration so that the users don’t have to pay for a RCP membership plan and then pay again to access premium features in Hivepress directory.

But if not a new addon created, is there any code snippet that could make HP integrate or “talk” to RCP so that eg: a RCP premium plan would also give privileges/access to a Hivepress membership plan?


Sorry, unfortunately there’s no easy way to implement this integration because the mentioned plugins have their own account pages and other features that may conflict with HivePress. Anyway, we’ll consider adding this integration to future updates.
The HivePress Memberships extension has a specific purpose - it can be used to charge members to view the listing/vendor/request pages or attributes (e.g. to hide the Phone number and sell 10 reveals of these details for a flat fee).