Integration with Woocommerce Currency Switcher

Hi, I am looking to integrate my site with woocommerce currency switcher to change between international currencies. When I activate the plugin, I can switch the currency, but it will only change the symbol and not the value in the currency spot. Is there something I can do to make the currency switcher work?

Please try using any popular switcher for WooCommerce from, we tested a few and they work for changing the price display (not the purchase itself & checkout), also please make sure that you set the currency rate in settings (or it uses some API).

Is it possible to use WooCommerce auto currency switcher so customer can view and check out in their currency? I can’t get the banner to pop up or cart/checkout to reflect geo located currency.

Unfortunately, there’s no such option if you mean paying in the selected currency, it’s possible to use switchers for changing the currency display only. The final payment is made via the main currency for correct balance & commission calculations in Marketplace.

Which currency switchers have you tested? I have tried a few of the most popular and cannot get any of them to display properly. Changes currency symbol but not the number value.

The last time we tested this one WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. Professional and Free multi currency plugin – Pay in selected currency – WordPress plugin | Please make sure that the currency rates are also set (or fetched via the API).

No, WOOCS doesn’t work. At least not for HP theme on my site. It does switch price in checkout and regular products, like “Feature Listing” but not HP Listings or Offers. I’ll reach out to plug-ins to discuss.

Thanks for the details, we reproduced this issue and will release a quick fix for this, I guess something changed in WooCommerce API because it worked in previous versions.

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