Is it possible sorting by reviews?

The current reviews filter works, but it only shows products that are already reviewed. Is it possible to modify this filter so that it shows the reviews in order and at the end also the products that have not been reviewed yet?

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Sorry, there’s no temporary fix for this (when sorting by reviews only listings with at least 1 review are returned), but we plan to fix this.

ok, can you share with me more details on this function? Where is the code and how is working?
I’ll want to try to edit.

A possible solution is using the hivepress/v1/models/listing/search action hook, it accepts a WP_Query object that you can customize, e.g. by changing its meta_query where the search parameters are set.

Can you make an example for us, i think is usefull for all community .

Sorry, this requires further research - if you’re familiar with coding basics, please try adjusting this WP_Query, we’ll also try to resolve this in Reviews as soon as possible - listings without a rating should indeed be displayed at the end of the search results.

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too bad, we also needed this function. We hope to see this option soon

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