Is it possible to see the number of Applicants for a certain Job?

Hi, two questions:

  1. From the side of a Job applicant: after a candidate applies for a Job will he be able to see all the jobs he applied for, somewhere in a Page?

  2. From the side of an Employer: after some candidates apply for one or more of the Employer’s Jobs, will the Employer be able to see the number of applications received for each Job? Because if see my test-employer page I just can see the Messages received by various applicants but If I want to have for example all the applications for the same job all together I can’t see them and I have to manually check every message received. Is there a way to “reorganize” them?

Especially because if a User publishes a job offer he automatically becomes an Employer. But what if an “Employer A” wants to apply for another “Employer B” job offer? Employer A will have both:

  • the jobs he applied for (e.g. “Employer B” offer)
  • and the jobs he posted (as an Employer A) and which someone else applied for

all mixed together in the messages. It’s kinda confusing.

I hope it’s clear what I mean.

Thank you


Yes, unfortunately there’s no other way to manage applications at the moment, applications are basically messages with an attached CV (you can enable attachments in settings) in the current version. We’ll try to add more features specific to job boards, probably a separate section for applications.

That would be very useful, thank you!

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