Is the order’s security deposit returned when an order is marked complete, or at a specific time after the order is complete?

Hi! I have several questions, so I’m putting them all here to make it a bit easier. Thanks for all of your help!

  1. Even though “allow disputes” has been selected, there is no “dispute” button on orders or bookings.

  2. What is the process/flow if a user cancels a booking - where do I, as administrator, look to see that it’s been cancelled in order to issue a refund?

  3. In the orders section, there are settings to require manual completion. If this is selected, how does the host do this? If it’s NOT selected, what will cause the order to move to complete?

  4. Is the order’s security deposit returned when an order is marked complete, or at a specific time after the order is complete?

  5. How do I see how much $ that I’ve collected is owed to other people when doing manual payouts? How can I see a total “owed” amount, as well as a per-user breakdown?

  6. There is a check mark for “including taxes in balance” on the HP settings for hosts, but there is also a tax setting section in woocommerce. Which correctly controls taxes?

  7. If taxes are collected, where is a report that shows how much of total balance collected is for taxes?

  8. Is there a PHP snippet I can have that will show all booking details on the order details page? OR add a link to the booking details page?

  9. Is there a pHP snipped I can have to show “cancel order” link on orders page instead of just on bookings page? It’s confusing UX to only have that in one place.

  10. Is there a snipped I could have to pull in the information from the listing to the booking details/confirmation page? It currently has a link, but looks very plain/uninformative.

  11. Is there a way to pull in the Booking Note to the booking confirmation page, so that the user doesn’t have to reference the email to get the necessary information? (not sure I’m calling it the right thing - I’m talking about the page that you access from the front end via username > bookings > booking number)

  12. How can I pull in the host block to that same page so that the user can see the hosts info, IF the order has been paid for/confirmed?


  1. Please note that the Dispute button is displayed when the order is in the processing status. If you do not see this button, try clearing the cache.

  2. This process directly depends on your website terms. You can check it in WP Dashboard > Bookings.

  3. If this feature is not enabled, then the order receives the completed status after the booking receives the completed status, and 12 hours have passed since the booking received this status.

  4. Please check this topic Security deposit - #3

  5. You can view all the information in WP Dashboard > Payouts.

  6. Please check this doc How to enable taxes - HivePress Help Center

  7. You can find this information in the WooCommerce documentation.

  8. ,9., 10., 11., 12. Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations beyond the available features are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work

  1. Resolved

  2. I’m asking about what the platform flow is, not my own T&Cs. .

    • If an order is cancelled, then all that shows in the Bookings section is an item that has been moved to the trash. I don’t see that it was cancelled after payment, and therefore, due a refund, and I can’t see any details of the cancellation, such as when it was cancelled. How can I see this info?
    • In my test accounts, if the user cancels the booking but has already paid, the order continues to show as “pending” in the user and host accounts. Why is that? Shouldn’t it update to show as cancelled, so there is congruence between the booking and order?
    • Is there an alert sent to admin, or a way to set one up, to know that an order was canceled?
  3. Can you explain this more, step by step?

    • If this feature IS enabled, how does a host mark an order as “complete”?
    • If this feature is NOT enabled, then how does the booking receive the completed status? What triggers the completed status on the booking? Pleas be as specific as possible and outline the process.
  4. I’ve sent a support ticket in on this as this isn’t what I was asking, thanks though!

  5. No, it doesn’t show there. The Payout section shows payouts that I have processed it looks like, but does not provide a way for me to see what is due to each user (security deposits, taxes, etc. not included). Where do I go to see that? A user might request a payout of $100, but I need to verify that that’s what they’re due, without having to manually go through each transaction.


  1. At the moment, it depends on the T&Cs, but we will try to improve it in the next updates. Now you can return a booking to the Draft status and check whether the Status - Canceled by user is checked, so you will understand who canceled the booking, the client or the vendor, and thus understand what to do with the associated order.

  2. The manual completion means that customers will have the Complete button on the order page, clicking it will be required for the order to get the Completed status. With Bookings, this is not required, there’s an automatic status switch within 24 hours after the booking ends.

  1. Please note that it is not possible to request a payout for a larger amount than the admin owes, as only the amounts of completed orders are credited to the balance, and it is not possible to withdraw a larger amount than the vendor’s balance.

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