Is the security deposit taxed?

I’ve read all of the threads available about security deposits, but I’m looking for updated information on them that answers the following questions:

  1. At this time, is the security deposit fully charged to the purchaser, or is it processed as a hold?
  2. How does a lender release the security deposit or choose to hold all or part of it? Where is their documentation on this?
  3. Is the security deposit taxed?
  4. Is the security deposit taken into account when fees are charged?


  1. This amount is withdrawn at the time of booking and automatically refunded after completion How to add a security deposit for bookings - HivePress Help Center.

  2. In this version, there is no such option, it is up to the administrator to decide what to do with the payment, for example, to return it as a partial refund.

  3. No, the security deposit is not taxable.

  4. No, there is no charge fee for the deposit.

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