Is there a limit to how many jobs one account can create?

I’m not sure what’s happened, but now when I try to manually add a job, it doesn’t let me change the company.

In the settings, where it says “Company (optional)” it is grayed out. Normally I can click in there and search for all the companies.

But not it isn’t letting me for some reason.

So I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve uploaded too many jobs from one account (approx 40 jobs at the moment).

Because just yesterday I was able to add new jobs and change the company but now I’m unable to today for some reason.

But for some reason, if I try to edit old jobs, I’m able to change the company no problem. Its just now adding a new job, the company section is always greyed out and is not letting me change it.

That’s also why I’m thinking that perhaps my account has reached a limit for posting jobs or something? I can’t think of anything that changed from yesterday to today.

But at the same time, I can still publish that new job, but it just won’t let me change the company. So I’m pretty confused about what’s going on…

Update: That same job still won’t let me change the company. But after restarting my computer, now when I create a new job it lets me change the company again (before it was greyed out every time I tried to change the company).

So I simply deleted the old one which wouldn’t let me change the company and copied it over to the new one.

I guess it was restarting my computer that fixed it?? Not sure. But either way, it seems to be ok now.

This is strange, but maybe there were some issues not related to your website.
Anyway, feel free to contact us if there are any issues with HivePress products.

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