Is there a way of making categories searchable when adding listing?

I’m currently setting up a marketplace with 215 categories (counting sub categories and sub sub categories).

For instance: Guitars → Electric guitars → Solid Body

When adding a listing, users get a dropdown menu of all the categories and their subcategories, which can get a bit overwhelming.

A great solution would be having a search bar for the category selection that displays the most similar category to what the user types.

Is there any way of implementing this?

Thank you!


A better solution, I think, would be to have it tiered. First you pick a main category. If it has sub categories, a new dropdown appears showing the subs. If the picked sub has a sub sub, then another dropdown appears showing this.

I think they said this would be implemented, though im not sure

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I was about to edit my original post adding what you suggest!

Categorizing in steps might be even simpler, you are absolutely right.

Is this possible?

If not, hope this gets implemented soon!

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Thanks, we’ll try to improve the UX of the category selection, we disabled search at the moment because the drop-down search hides the parent categories, so it’s hard to understand the context.

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That’d be great. I think picking categories in steps is the way to go.

Hope you can implement it soon!

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