Is there a way to allow users to mark their bookings as paid?

I keep getting errors testing out the stripe payouts, and the more I think about it I’d rather not be involved in that aspect of a transaction. I’m wondering if there is a way users can mark their own bookings as paid?

Example: User books a room with a host for a night at $X price. Host marks the booking as paid, and they figure out payments themselves.

I changed the payout method to “direct” and it looks like when completing a booking order it has a line for “direct payment” and discounts the booking completely. Is this correct? Thx

Unfortunately there’s no such option for hosts, but if you use Direct Payments this will occur automatically when the booking is over, the linked order will automatically get the Completed status. It’s assumed that the customer paid the rest on check-in or just in person, and if the customer doesn’t show up host will cancel the booking.

Got it thanks!

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