Is there a way to show past listings?

Is there a way to show past listings in the same way that we have current listings shown just in a separate section? I’d like my home page to show current listings at the top and past listings at the bottom.


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On the home page ListingHive shows a block for “current listings” In that block we can chose to order by “Date added”, “Title”, or “Random” I’d like to add another block that shows “Past listings” to be able to showcase those listings whose sale date has passed or the listing has been marked as sold.

To keep things clean, I have created a child theme as described here: How to create a child theme - HivePress Help Center

Is this possible? How can it be done?


Please provide more details on what exactly past listings means and we will try to help. If you mean to display listings based on a custom date attribute, then this will require a custom implementation. Also, we plan to add the filters attribute to the block settings listings in the next updates.

Past listings would be any listing with the … oh, I see the problem. We are using ListingHive to list auctions. Ergo, we have add two attributes, one called Auction Start Date and another called Auction End Date. Our goal is to have two blocks on the listing page which also happens to be our home page. The first block is to show “Current auctions” which would be any auction where the Auction End Date has not been reached yet and ideally sorted from the auction closest to today to the auction furthest from today.

The second block would be past listings showing any listing where the auction end date is in the past relative to today. Can this be done?

When do anticipate that next update?

So, woudl I have to modify the model to filter the query by an attribute?

Any suggestion on how to accomplish this and stay within your framework?

Another way to approach this would be to have a block that shows all listings which have expired sorted by most recent expiry first.

Yes, if you mean showing different listings based on the custom Date attributes you created, this would require customizations. I posted general guidance in the development topic you created, hope this helps.

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