Is there a way to style the category box?

Hi there,
I am wondering if there is a way with CSS to style the category box on the start page?
As currently all the boxes just flow with the text, I want to make them even.


You want to apply a color to all boxes or a unique color for a unique box ?

No, I want the height of each box to be the same, right now they are all depending on the text.

Sorry I understand.

Did you try the max-height value to the class of theses boxes ?

The category boxes have the same class so I think that even the height value could work, but you maybe tried it already ?

That’s genius Julien, thanks!
Do you have any idea how to make the counter and the arrow button align on the bottom?

How did you customize the categories to have the small icon and text? Just starting an install and that’s exactly what I’m hoping to do. Thanks!


That’s part of the template Adam. I used ExpertHive, but as I see you use another one.

We’re using listing hive. Any idea if it’s possible to use that format instead?

I don’t think so without customizations. I would ask the support here.

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