Is there any way of attributes cascading like we do for categories

cascading custom attribute field

If you mean hierarchical options then sure, it’s possible if you add a selectable attribute in Listings/Attributes (e.g. Select, Checkboxes, or Radio Buttons) and then add options via the Edit Options button. If you set a parent option for any other option, it’ll be displayed as a child option in the drop-down.

Thank you for the reply . . . but i actually looking for deeper level of cascading (functionality) like . . . after each selected value of an attribute within “edit option” to link it with specified attribute . . . like we do for categories &&& the other thing is . . . if there is possible way to select (cascade) a category for more than one parent category in cattegory for next upcoming updates???

Yes, the same functionality is available if you mark a Select attribute as Multiple - this enables the same multiple selection as for the listing categories. The attribute itself will be displayed as a drop-down, but you’ll be able to select multiple options. Also, you can set parent/child options while adding options for an attribute (via the Edit Options button).

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