Is there anyway to display to admin the amount earnt in commission?

Is there anyway to display to admin the amount earnt in commission?

Please check the vendor balance in WordPress/Vendors section (in the Balance column), we also plan to add earnings per order to the back-end order edit page.

Is there a way to display earnings to everyone?/or visitors?

Currently the balance is displayed to the site admin and the vendor only, displaying it elsewhere would require code customizations.

It would be nice to be able to see other peoples earnings. It could motivate others to sign up too.
Please consider to put this functionality as well.

Along with the mentioned request above it would be even better to have a membership plan which allows vendors to hide their earnings and other reduced commission and so on.

Thank you.#taskhive

Thanks, we plan to add badges (e.g. based on earnings) and other gamification features. We’ll also consider adding more vendor-specific monetization options.

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Can i assign my admin account to be displaying the commission i have take £10 but only see £8 at the vendor screen obviously there’s £10 in my bank so there’s no trail for the other £2 id like for when a customer buys something it puts the £2 on my account and the £8 on the vendors is this possible

Please send more details about this issue, do you mean hiding the commission amounts for admins since they basically get 100% of the amount? Currently there’s no such option, but if you’re the site admin you can simply ignore the commission amount and balance of your own account since you don’t have to process payouts for yourself, all the payments are initially sent to you.

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