Issue with calculating discounts

Glitch with calculating prices when discounts are set.

Steps to reproduce

Select more than one day to book to see the calculation of total

Actual result

the ‘/day’ disappears and it is just the day total rather than the new total

Expected result

One week would show as ($3*7 days)*85% (15% discount)

Extra details

Please try changing the booking form fields slower, there’s a known issue with live reloading the price when changes are made too fast, and let me know if this issue persists. If so please send temporary WP access to and I’ll try to debug this further.

Thanks - it does work but only when selecting dates super slowly i.e. needs to be more than 3 seconds between clicks. Is this to be expected? I imagine people will be faster than that when selecting options :wink:

Yes, we’re aware of this issue and this fix is scheduled for the next update, it should be released this weekend.

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