Issue with changing the language in experthive

Issue with experthive and changing the languageI have not found the way to change the language on the little texts for example in listings tab, there is a little tags text that dont change to finnish at any case. I’m using translatepress that works well at certain point but these little texts are the issue.

Thanks for the help already.

Please send a few strings that can not be translated and we will try to help. If you mean the “Listings” string it is a core string that should be available for the “hivepress” text domain, please make sure that it is changed correctly. You can also test this with Loco Translate How to translate HivePress - HivePress Help Center - if it works, there is something related to TranslatePress settings.

These are ones that cannot be translated in the first place there are a few others as well but perhaps if these would be able to translate some how, I could then translate the others as well. Translatepress translating does not work at all on this listings page so these cannot be translated that way…

and of course text in the middle of the screen, "nothing found and the text under it, is an issue as well.

If TranslatePress allows changing static strings (with text domains), please check these strings for the “hivepress” (the “Not found” one) and “hivepress-requests” (the “Post a request” one) text domains, the strings are wrapped with the translation functions so they should be available in any case. Unfortunately I can’t say for sure about TranslatePress (if it’s a multilanguage plugin there may be issues - we haven’t tested this plugin with HivePress), but you can 100% translate these strings via Loco Translate (please check the screencast suggested above).
Hope this helps.

Oh i’m so grateful, I searched it on youtube and found the solution! Thank you so much for your help and time.

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