Issue with currency conversion on checkout

hello, when using hivepress booking it is supposed to be compatible with the WooCommerce currency converter. running into a problem that occurs at final checkout. the currency reverts back to the original currency but with the value of the other currency. for example if the total is
CLP200 000 it shows as 200 000 CAD which is obviously a tremendous difference. i think the developers of hivepress need to fix the coding and add an update to correct this issue so it is compatible with other currencies. does anyone have an alternative option or a setting that will fix this? also one more thing… I cannot seem to get the CLP chilean peso to drop a decimal at final checkout


I recommend disabling currency conversion on the checkout page while leaving it on other pages (for users convenience when they browse listings), because the final payment will be made in the primary currency anyway, this is required for the correct calculation of commissions, refunds, etc.

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