Issue with Import

I purchased the Import license and downloaded the zip file. I imported the zip file per the instructions and activated it. Once it was activated I added my license in the appropriate area. I also ticked the box to allow users to import listings.

When I go to the listings page on the front end I do not have a button at the bottom to import listings. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Never mind I found it. Thanks

Is there any way to import fields other than the standard Category, Title, Images, Description, etc?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility in the current version. But it will be upgraded in the future versions

Okay, thanks.

Hi, the import button is nowhere to be found for me too. Can I have a screenshot of where I can find it?

Import Listings button is at the bottom of the page where you/vendor see all listings which belong to you/vendor. Usually, it is by this URL your-website/account/listings/

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