Issue with Location when not choosing location from dropdown lsit

I’m not really sure if it’s really a bug but it kinda is, so I chose this category.

When using Geolocation function and an user fills in their location, they can either choose a location from the dropdown (that is automatically generated when you start typing) or the user just clicks outside the field when he finished his input. This is where the problem occurs.

Since the user only typed in an address and didn’t choose it from the dropdown, it’s not an actual address. Therefor on the listings page there is a tab with “Location” but you cannot click it. It just returns in the url with a #location but it’s not scrolling down to the location because there is none.

Could you please make required that a user is forced to choose an item from the dropdown list or he simply cannot use the Location functionality?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Submit a new listing.
  2. Fill out the location form field.
  3. Type in something and then click outside of the form field without choosing a location from the dropdown.
  4. Go to the listings page and see the “Location” tab and also that there is no map visible and when you click the “Location” tab only a #location url is generated and the button is practically dead.

Actual result

Adding a non-real location is doable and therefor ruins the whole functionality of this feature.

Expected result

Not allow the location be fillable without a real location. Always have a real location added to the location field which would cause the location feature and all its functionality work as intended.

Extra details

I recorded a little screenvideo to show you the issue. In the last seconds you can see the url that is generated after clicking the tab “Location”:

PS: If this is not a bug but an intended feature, could you please provide me with a code to force people to choose a location from the dropdown?

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll fix this in the next Geolocation update (probably via clearing the field if no location was selected and the field loses focus).

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