Issues with the location search field and RTL

hello there, I’ve had a problem recently with the location search and locate me button if u see the following link, will show you the locate me button inside the search button. also being miss aligned on the phone view. I’ve watched it on my phone as well to get the same results

could you guys give me a snippet to fix that?

PC view - Screenshot - c8c7af26f5d3cffb6df004e7a3b017af - Gyazo

phone view on word press: Screenshot - b4a47553ae98492bbcf6a22ee14e55ab - Gyazo


Yes, this is probably also related to RTL styling issues, if you switched layout to RTL using direction:rtl styles then minor fixes like this one may be required in multiple places. I’ll refer our developer to check this in case if there’s a simple CSS snippet, but please consider hiring a developer for further CSS fixes because at the moment we don’t guarantee RTL layout as a theme feature

Please try this CSS snippet for the “Locate me” button.

.hp-field--location a{
	margin-left: 0;

doesn’t work, when i used the left command in inspect it worked obviously. but when i input it in some fields it said that a certain field is labeled as static: “position: static”
hence, we can’t move it but still i cant find the location of it to change it to fix it.


Please ensure that you add CSS snippets correctly. You can add custom CSS snippets in the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS section.

thank you alot, ive used it to fix my privacy polict aswell, just used margin right rather then left. thanks alot i hope that will be all for now. and ive managed to fix my website which was a main reason why i couldn’t hire someone to do it. cause i couldnt grant anyone access without giving them admin. so ithank you for your patience and help

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