Job posting, SEO and customizing styles

Hey all, excited to get going with Jobhive! I am a python dev, dont know much about PHP or webdev, nor do I know much about the job+data space.

  1. If I build out a job posting data pipeline, whats the best away of automatic ingestion into jobhive? I know of manual imports, but something automated would be great.

  2. Do I need to do anything special for SEO? I have Yoast, and I will happily buy the jobhive SEO plugin.

  3. What is the best way of changing the styling of the promoted posts?


Thanks, I hope it’ll be useful for your project!

  1. Please share more details about the issue, do you mean importing jobs via third-party APIs?

  2. Yes, you can try using our SEO extension to set up Schema and use Rank Math or Yoast for other SEO improvements.

  3. This depends on the required changes, if you mean the border color this CSS snippet may help:


For 1, I can fetch job listings programmatically with a python script. What’s the easiest way of getting that into jobhive? Should I just insert into the db?

For example, this seems pretty straightforward:

Yes, you can do this in a similar way if this library allows setting custom post types. Job listings are implemented as a custom post type “hp_listing”. Also, you can do this via the WordPress REST API, there’s an endpoint for inserting posts REST API Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources

If you have job listings in another format, e.g. CSV it may be easier to use some importer plugins, like WP All Import.

Cool. Is all that is needed to insert into the wp_posts table? Not sure if there are other tables, keys etc. I’ll take a look at the API.

Yes, posts are stored in wp_posts table but if you use REST API you just have to provide JSON without checking the database level implementation.

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