Jobs dont work, when Bookings on

I’m using jobhive and when I enable booking settings => timeslots jobs get an error.

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Jobhive, Jobs dont work
(page loadingerror )

HivePress, settings, Bookings=>Time Slots (on) Enable time slots

Please send a screenshot or the error message, do you mean that the whole page is not loading or just a list of time slots? If you mean a list of time slots, please make sure that the Booking From, Booking To and Booking Slot Duration details are set, these are required to generate a list of time slots.

Thank you for your reply

I’m glad if this is what you’re looking for

When I look at Chrome’s developer tools, the statuscode returns 200, but the page does not open after that.

I have uploaded a video file. I would be happy if you could see it.

This is strange, if possible send temporary WP access via email with a link to this topic and I’ll check this issue. You can create a temporary WP access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

thank you for making sure
I will send an e-mail according to the instructions, so I would be happy if it leads to a solution to the problem.

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