Jumping sticky sidebar on the vendor page


I’m unsure as to if this is a glitch on my end or not, but it’s persistent on tablets, laptops, and desktops (not mobile). It only started to occur when I enabled personal requests for vendors. My guess is the side menu (vendor details) is too large and has trouble figuring out where it wants to sit.

When visiting a vendor’s page and scrolling down, at a certain point it shows a visual glitch of the side menu (vendor details).

I just wanted to report it as I’m unsure whether or not it’s just on my end, and to see if you had any advice for managing it.

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Thanks for reporting this, it seems to be a bug in the sticky sidebar script we’re using. We’ll try to resolve it, but you can use this temporary CSS fix to disable the sticky sidebar on the vendor page:

.hp-template--vendor-view-page .inner-wrapper-sticky {
  position: static!important; 
  transform: none!important;
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