LeadsHook incompatible with HivePress?

I’m using LeadsHook.io to generate a quiz funnel on my website.

The embed code for the quiz container works on a standalone page.

The quiz container is invisible on a HivePress listing page.

This is true across browsers and devices.

Are there any known code conflicts with LeadsHook integration on HivePress?

Thank you

Please send more details about this issue, e.g. a sample code we should add to the listing page (and how it’s added, via the plugin or directly to the website header or footer HTML, or to the listing description), you can also send a link to this page and we’ll check it.

Thanks for your reply!

Here is an example of the code needed for the quiz container:

For security purposes, the data-quiz identifier has been removed and replaced by “__________”.

The leadshook address has also been altered with https://______.

The code is added like any other html in WordPress.

If you need to see the code in action, I can send the full code privately.

Thank you!

Thanks for the details. Please let me know how this HTML code was added to the listing page, because there are a few ways to add it: via the HivePress template hook, by overriding the theme file via a child theme, directly to some listing field, etc.

Absolutely! It was added to the code an on individual listing as you would on an individual blog post that you want to add embedded code to.

No child theme was used. It was not added to a listing field.

If you mean that it’s added to the listing description editor unfortunately it doesn’t support HTML tags for security reasons, the back-end description editor allows HTML but WordPress removes tags like “script” tags as dangerous (this would allow users to insert malicious scripts to listings).

If inserting the same HTML code to every listing page is required, please try doing so via the template hooks Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube I can provide a sample code snippet of this helps.

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