License key not updating to reflect newly purchased extensions

I purchased All Extensions, and received an email with a license key. I updated the license key in HivePress, but the purchased extensions still don’t show as purchased and available in WordPress.

Steps to reproduce

Integrations tab
License Key
Paste in new license key from confirmation email

Actual result

All extensions still don’t show as purchased
None of the additional individual extensions show as purchased

Expected result

All extensions should show as purchased so I can activate and use what I’ve purchased

Extra details

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll fix the extension status mismatch, but you can ignore the status in HivePress/Extensions - if extensions are installed in WordPress/Plugins section and you set a valid license key in the Integrations tab then updates will be delivered to Dashboard/Updates section automatically as soon as they’re ready.
Please let me know if there are any specific WP settings, do you use a multisite WP installation or a regular one?

Thank you for your quick and helpful reply ihor.
What I’ve been unable to do since purchasing the extensions, is to benefit from their capabilities.
Can you please advise me how to configure the new extensions?
I don’t see the option to configure them in the HivePress tabs.
I don’t see the extensions in wordpress plugins area.

I’ll do whatever works to get things up and running - thanks in advance.

Please download the extensions that you want to use for your current site via the purchase email you received (with “Thanks for your purchase” subject). You can install the downloaded extensions this way How to install an extension - HivePress Help Center Then this depends on which extension you want to set up, for example the SEO extension instructions can be found here SEO - HivePress Help Center
Hope this helps.

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Thank you ihor - this worked great and it was already included in my email, sorry I didn’t realize I could do this directly from the confirmation email!

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