Limit Listing Edit (Description, Title and image change limitation to 3 times)

How to limit users (vendors) to edit Title, description and image changes to maximum 3 times.

With this feature users can just edit their listing just 3 time not more.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to restrict the number of edits without code customizations, but you can moderate any changes to the listing attributes by marking them as Moderated; you can do the same with built-in fields but using code snippets Moderate any listing title or description changes (switch status to Pending) #hivepress #listings · GitHub

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Please add this feature in default hivepress core on your next update and admins when creating plans has this feature to set limitations for editing lists.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding it. Please remember that HivePress is open-source, and while we collect the suggestions and any feedback is appreciated, there’s a common roadmap that depends on the feature demand and how this feature fits the planned HivePress framework development.

If some feature beyond the available functionality is urgently required for your site, I highly recommend hiring someone for customizations, e.g., via Fiverr

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