Link attribute with anchor text

I’m trying to add a clickable link as an attribute. I need to be able to set a url as well as anchor text. Similar to <a href="">Gregory McPhee</a>. I can’t figure out what field type to use to make this happen and what to put in the display formatting for the attribute.

You can set it this way:

<a href="%value%">Custom Text</a>

But if you mean a custom anchor text different for each listing, it’s possible only if the text is another attribute’s value:

<a href="%value%">%listing.other_attribute_name_here%</a>

So if the person’s name is a text field, what field type do I put this in?
<a href="%value%">%listing.other_attribute_name_here%</a>

If it’s an existing listing attribute in Listings>Attributes, please edit it and check its name in the Field Name. Then you can use its value in another attribute’s display format this way:


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