Link one attribute to another

Hi, thanks for great plugin such as Hivepress. Im using Listinghive, and its perfect. But I would like to make some changes. I have built marketplace as you can see if you visit my link. For example when people try to add a new listing for a car, they have to fill a lot attributes. Of course they will have to choose brand and model. As you know there is a lot brands and models. I want when someone clicks on brand and choose Audi then they will see in Model just those models from Audi such as A1 A3 A5 etc. so i tried to do this with adding some code to functions.php and indeed it worked all the way until i try to submit it then i get the error Model field contains an invalid value. But if i choose not to have that code then i need to choose manually from all models and then it can be submited, but that takes too much time for some future consumers. So please help me or make some update to help us all to connect one attribute to the other… and second, it would be nice to have something like when someone is new that they recieve like mail confirmation. Thanks and I hope you can help


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

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